My sister’s friends left after singing their little hearts out to karaoke at around 2am. It is not cool to be kept up that late listening to people sing. However, my sister did have the decency to turn down the volume. But when it’s already the next day, in the early am, the last thing I want to hear is her friends singing “Barbie Girl” (it was the only one I recognized/was loud enough).

So I went to sleep at around 2am, woke up a little bit past 8am. Had breakfast and then studied some biology. Took a mid-morning nap (because I desperately needed it) and then worked on my reference sheet for my biology midterm tomorrow and then ate lunch. I finished my shabby reference sheet, went grocery shopping (because apparently my sister’s friends eat a lot…) and then came home to clean, snack and watch a movie.

Oh, also started on a biology project that is due this Friday. Hah. Yeah… This is going to be an excellent week. Two midterms, 1 evening (organic chem) review session, volunteering (yay!), one biology project and it all ends off with my birthday party for Friday/Saturday. Every girl who turns 20 should have a sleepover, seriously. (That’s what I thought when I turned 19, as well!) So this week should be interesting, to say the least. Very packed with things to do.

After Friday’s awesome mishap with the chocolate cake incident that may or may not have involved food, I went for a run today… for an hour. What the fudge was I thinking? Legs are totally hating me right now, to say the least, and it was a few hours ago when I got home. My body is not impressed with me… I generally only go for a run when I’m upset/angry… Eating an entire chocolate cake counts as something to be upset about, yes? And other things, of course, that are going on, that shall also not be named (it’s like the Voldemort of my personal life, yay? Whoot for lame Harry Potter references!), led to me running for an hour (not the entire hour was spent running. I run it bursts… there were a few segments of 5 minutes spent walking and breathing – yay for oxygen). However, no matter what the reason of why I went for a run… My calves are looking a little bit better. Or maybe it’s just my imagination.

Anyways, hope you all had a wonderful, exercise-free Sunday!

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  1. Just read your tweets from yesterday about NaNo. If you’re not into it, don’t do it. Take a year off and try again next year. It felt forced for me last year too and it’s not a fun experience. Finishing a novel I didn’t want to write made it hard to remember what I liked about NaNo. It would be a shame if a bad year tarnished the fun of NaNo for you too 🙁

    Also, YAY BIRTHDAY! 🙂

  2. HAPPY (late D:) BIRTHDAY!

    Boo for being kept up late by singing children.

    Eh, I’ve ate on too many pieces of cake in my life. And I’ve also exercised for on too many minutes, as well. Luckily our bodies our strong. They endure random bits of torture.

  3. Karaoke eh? Well, atleast your sister was being decent and turning down the volume, heh. I bet your sleepover willl be fun from what very little details I know.

    Goodluck with week, you sound uber busy :/ almost done though! YOU CAN DO it!

  4. Hopefully your sister didn’t have this get together on a day before you had school.


    It’s okay. I’ve been eating bread like everyday now LOL

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