Last day of lectures today. Just four more finals between me and my hopefully blissful winter holidays. I am just so looking forward to having a break from classes. School, work, school, work, school, work, school, work, school. More, more, more school. I go through this lovely cycle of school and work. And right now I’m in school and I just really want a break. Just a break.

However, it’s been a little bit over 3 months of school and I haven’t skipped a lecture (as far as my memory goes) and I’ve gone to all my labs for biology. I have been late occasionally (only to my 8am classes though) and have left a class early (for a midterm in a subsequent class), but that’s it. No late assignments, no missed online quizzes, no angry posts on online discussion boards (like this infamous girl who posts on the organic chemistry discussion board to argue with profs over how she deserves a single mark on a quiz worth, essentially, nothing). Overall, it’s been a pretty good term in terms of classes.

There were carolers at school today, I’m assuming that they were students and they were singing Deck the Halls in a round, it was actually quite nice. I haven’t been feeling well lately (started yesterday), drank an absurd amount of soup (cream of mushroom, vegetable with those alphabet pieces, and more vegetable soup) over the last two days and… hello, no longer sniffling! I got a lot of sleep… Not in my lectures though, hah, but between classes and on the bus and whatnot. I didn’t go to volunteering today (which I was disappointed about, but it’s better than going in when I know I haven’t been feeling well).

So many things to do. I’m planning on pretty much living in my organic chemistry prof’s office during his open office hours next week. Honestly. Organic chemistry is likely to kick my butt next Thursday afternoon, so I’m going to need all the help that I can get, which includes harassing my prof for help. Because I’m terribly hopeless at times. Especially with organic chemistry.

Anyways… My family’s decided that we’re not having a Christmas tree this year. Not even a mini one. Not the big 7-feet tall fake one in the basement. It’s really big and I can’t get it up the stairs on my own and no one else wants to put the tree up this year. I’m rather… bummed out by it. I wanted a tree this year. I wanted the crappy handmade decorations that my sisters and I made when we were younger decorating a fake plastic tree. I wanted the garlands and all the shiny glass ornaments and the lights that twinkle and the ones that don’t. It seems weird to think that there’s not going to be any tree in the living room this year. Maybe I could dig out the lights and string them around my room or something… somehow. Not sure how I would manage that though.

Do you put up a tree in December? A real or artificial tree? Do you put up handmade decorations along with the store-bought ones? What kind of lights do you put up?

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  1. Last year our family didn’t put up our tree. Couldn’t be bothered. Our tree is usually more decoration than tree – my mum LOVES decorations. There’s no stopping her buying multiple angels to put on the top.

    We don’t go out and chop down trees. I don’t think it’s allowed here… we just buy trees from the shops. Fake ones. 😀

    Our family isn’t big on lights. We used to have colourful lights to put on the tree but they looked tacky. We only have a tree – we don’t decorate the outside of our house like other houses in our street.

    I think I missed two lectures this semester before I finished. I was late once and I didn’t feel like going so I went and read through the lecture notes instead. They didn’t really help 🙁

    The other time I got into a fight with James (gah…) and I didn’t want to just walk off and go to my lecture. Thankfully I didn’t miss anything important; our last assignment was already due by that time so I didn’t want to attend. *blushes*

    I skipped so many last semester though… NOT good. D:

    But for my last couple of assignments I’ve been getting very good grades so I believe I’ll do better than last sem. XD

  2. Haha must be a younger sister thing, my youngest sister wants to put up a tree but I pretty much convinced everyone we don’t need a tree taking up space in the living room.

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