So after I moved from its original domain registrar to the current one, everything’s been hunky dory. I like having all my domains in one place (makes it easier when I’m renewing or just dealing with domain things in general). However, the former registrar (which is a really popular registrar and everything – a lot of people use it, a lot of people love it, the reasons that I moved off of it because it wasn’t suiting my needs anymore, which is a perfectly valid reason for moving) keeps on sending me emails because I never closed my account with them (I no longer have any domain names registered there). The subject titles include things like:

Was it something we did? Here’s 30% off your next order.

We REALLY miss you! 30% off all orders!

And I get that all they’re doing is trying to drum up business with me, I get it. But really… I’ve set my email to filter out their emails now to go into my spam folder. Ugh. It’s annoying enough when I occasionally get email notifications from Facebook or Twitter (although, I don’t mind the Twitter ones too much, unless it’s random direct messaged spam <- another Twitter peeve!)

Anyways… Yesterday was pretty damn awesome. I got my comparative invertebrate zoology midterms back (yes, plural). While I didn’t do completely stellar on my lecture midterm, I did well enough to not fail, which is awesome. That was one of the three midterms that I had in less than a 24 hour period, so I was rather antsy about pretty much failing all three of them (which, I must say, I managed to avoid complete and utter failure in three courses). I did decent on the lab midterm, which was good to know. I got to talk to my TA about some of the questions (especially regarding the ones that I got wrong!) and figured out what I was doing wrong on the lab midterm, so that’s good.

Plus, guess who successfully extracted out all 5 hearts from a earthworm yesterday? So much fun. It was kind of exhilarating, mostly because I had to do it all through a dissection microscope and I’m not used to trying to maneuver tweezers, probes and scalpel blades while looking through any sort of scope, but it worked out well and I managed not to rupture anything. </biogeekery>

Today went relatively well… I learned about how seaslugs respire, I learned about calculating approximate areas under a graph (yet another method…) and I also learned what happens when you light fern spores on fire (huge fireball). I got to look at my biochemistry midterm and I also spoke to my prof about it. That was a test that I did not do my best on. She spoke to me about it, I mentioned feeling overwhelmed during that week (4 midterms in one week with 3 being in an under 24 hour period, that midterm being one of those 3) and also I interpreted one of the questions incorrectly. I thought it was asking for one thing, which is what the wording led me to believe, but it was asking for something else entirely, which was a complete letdown because I thought I got that question, you know? I thought I fully understood it and even drafted out the way I was going to write out my answer on the back of the page and put a lot of thought and effort into it. I was completely disappointed in myself for that midterm because while I did try my best, it just wasn’t enough to pull off a better grade.

I’m looking forward to this week being done though. Too many up and down moments over the last few days and I’m just feeling mentally exhausted. I feel like that I shouldn’t be, because I haven’t been doing anything strenuous, but I’m also putting myself under a lot of stress, what with schoolwork and test scores and helping out around the house. I really feel like I should be more “on top” of everything right now, but I’m just not feeling it… And it bugs the crap out of me because I know I can do this, I know I can. It’s just… too much, all at once.

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  1. That would be annoying. I’d move their email to spam too… Obviously if you moved it was for valid reasons and I doubt 30% off would help that. UGH.

    lol Extracting hearts out of an earthworm was fun? very intresting!

  2. Good luck with school. It can be like that.

    I laugh about the hosting thing though it’s riduculous when companies beg you to come back

  3. That CAN be annoying, obviously you left because they just were fitting your needs anymore. I’m sure it’s not hard for a company to understand that! Could you unsubscribe to their emails?

    I had emails from a culinary school I stopped attending saying I should enroll and they would send me emails every single day. The reason I dropped out was because as much as they swore that they take harassment in the classroom seriously, every option they gave me required me to pay some fee. How do you have to pay a fee to resolve harassment in a classroom?!

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