Just another one of those days…

Written on March 14, 2010 at 3:47 pm
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Not blogging on a daily basis = good thing. Just wanted to let you all know. Still alive, still breathing, yay! Some highlights of things that have occurred since the last time I blogged (Wednesday? Wow.)

  • Went to volunteering for three hours on Friday. Had a lot of fun – I cannot play crib to save my life and made my partner lose with me (haha), but I can play dominoes, at least the way that it’s played at volunteering (long term resident care home).
  • Been knitting! Whoot! And crocheting. Photos of all of that stuff at a later time… When I get around to finishing things, stuffing things and attaching eyes.
  • Watching Paralympics. CTV’s been kind of slacking in that department. They originally stated that they weren’t going to be airing the Opening Ceremony live and after (many) people complained, they decided to air it live. However, I found out that they were airing it live after I started watching something else, so I just recorded it when it aired yesterday. And has anyone watched any of the sledge hockey games? I think there might be more contact in sledge hockey than in the ice hockey games that were in the Winter Olympics. Which makes it super fun to watch.
  • Reading – biology and biochemistry notes, mostly.
  • Writing my paper on climate change for my plant biology course. I wrote about the plight of polar bears due to the change in the arctic ecosystem (we were given free choice in our topics and did not have to relate it to plants at all). Got this one done today, yay (due tomorrow at 11:59pm, online).
  • Did some math homework (a little bit, anyways, haha <- I need the practice).

I also rewatched some of my favourite discs from Blue Planet, I love that documentary. I especially liked the segment on deep sea fish, like the ones that produce their own bioluminescence light (which is super neat). Actually, I like all of the segments. It’s weird if you go from watching Blue Planet to Planet Earth because some of the parts are repeated in the second documentary (Planet Earth), at least in the parts where they’re talking about the marine ecosystems. Both I do love both documentaries dearly. Although the best part in Planet Earth would have to be the birds of paradise and their mating behaviour… Too hilarious. </biogeekery>

After having not baked anything in what seems to be forever (but, as my father told me while I was measuring out flour, it wasn’t that long ago), I made cupcakes today! But I only made a dozen… And there were supposed to be more for me than anyone else, and my dad ate some of them… I hadn’t even frosted them yet (the frosting was setting a bit – a.k.a. I was taking a break). Sigh. Oh well. Some cupcakes for me then, I guess? And some for other people and no more for my dad. Since he already ate nearly half of them. He also claims that they were “rather small” and next time I should make larger ones if I don’t want him to consume the majority of them.

This was earlier today, when I was finishing up the conclusion on my climate change paper:

20/365 - This is really boring.

And this was a little while ago, after I finished knitting up a doll sweater:

Oh fudge!

Hope everyone’s been doing well from Wednesday until now and I hope everyone has a lovely Monday!

Questions for you:

  1. Did you remember to “spring forward” your clocks and watches?
  2. What’s the weather like you are?
  3. What’s something interesting that you recently saw (either on tv or on the computer)?

My answers:

  1. Yup! Well, sort of. I woke up at my cell phone and alarm clock were not synchronized anymore, so I remedied that a little bit.
  2. Raining, right now. Rather miserable looking. =(
  3. CBC.ca article on a cheese made from breast milk (read with an open mind, please, and remember that it’s not being sold to the public!).

3 Responses to “Just another one of those days…”

  1. Deborah says:

    !) Nope, I forgot. Lucky it is Sunday!
    2) Sunny and warm this afternoon, about 68
    3)On Hulu I found the funniest show called Sgt. Frog. It’s silly fun.
    (yours is really gross!)

  2. Caity says:

    Ooh you’ve been busy but I’m glad that you took a break from blogging to get things done! Work and all that stuff comes before blogging!!

    1. Yes, I remembered!
    2. It’s crappy and rainy and yesterday it was so windy we lost power!
    3. This! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9-CS2v8wcc

  3. Serena says:


    Guess what? I went to watch the sledge hockey game this past sunday with my department. (the only few perks working there…haha..). Definitely a different experience than watching it on tv.

    Anyways, i’m going to visit you guys at uni sometime next month… i’ll e-mail you once i figure out when. =)

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