Monday was a somewhat stressful day for me. Had a midterm, found out that my third math midterm (yes, apparently you can have three ‘middle’ of the term in one term!) that I was told by my prof was this Wednesday (a.k.a. today!) is actually next Wednesday. Giving me a whole other week to study for the midterm. So it was a huge relief and yet, at the same time, a source of annoyance as I had been stressing over the third (!) math midterm. =/ Stupid calculus, doesn’t even know there’s only ever one true ‘middle’ to anything.

Tuesday was actually really fun, I had my comparative invertebrates zoology lab and we looked at insects, crabs, lobsters, crayfish and other fun related creatures. They even had live things for us to look at, which was nice. I think I spent about half an hour holding onto a little crab (same species that I did my major final paper on back in 2007!) and letting it crawl from one hand to the next. It was fun, I love crabs (and moving rocks and disturbing them on beaches to scoop them up – that sounds awful, doesn’t it?) and other marine wildlife. Which pretty much means that this biology class is the best course ever. Except, perhaps, second to the course where I did do my final paper on a specific species of crab (and got to play for a few weeks with live specimen!) and human anatomy and physiology (because it was super fascinating). Fun day all around!

Wednesday (today, yay) was pretty low key in terms of actually interesting things occurring in school. I watched videos of spider mating dances (very funny stuff goes when a male’s trying to get things to happen!) and watching spiders mating (kind of boring). Math was actually pretty okay today, we got extra practice problems and a sample midterm to look over (with answers, thank goodness). My plants class was pretty okay, we didn’t do anything too exciting beyond talking about sex in plants. My plant professor did say this at the beginning of the unit though “Biologists are the only people who are constantly thinking about sex.” <- which is probably very true, given what biology is all about. No matter what organism you study, you always want to know how it reproduces and keeps itself going. Hence… sex (and also, for plant physiologists, pollination methods… and subsequently fertilization). You would not believe how long it takes for a pine ovule to get fertilized. Blew my mind.

The good thing about going to Michaels to refund something (ill-fitting dolly-sized glasses) is that I can refund it and get the monies credited back to my credit card. The bad thing about going to Michaels to refund something is that I end up browsing the clearance section again. I ended up with one package of handcrafted glass beads (going to be made into earrings and necklace set!) and two tubes of 11/0 round glass beads in ‘rainbow tiger eye’ and ‘metallic forest’ (a.k.a. very uniform seed beads with a very nice sheen, you can tell which ones are the ‘metallic forest’ because of the more green sheen to them). Oh, and a ball of Red Heart Super Saver in Cherry Red (for amigurumis!).

Also, I have some super important news that is deserving of its own entry, so I’ll be writing about That (deserving of capitalization!) later – probably tomorrow or this weekend.

Hope you’ve all been doing well lately and that you all have a wonderful Thursday!

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