Oh dear, Caity and Jenna! I didn’t mean four hours of math! I meant four hours between my 3rd class of the day and my 4th class (being math!) on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. My math class will only be 1 hour long, three times a week. You had me scared there for a moment!

Anyways… Today’s been rather nice. I spent a lot of time today at work with my data entry, of course. I chewed someone out for being downright lazy… Despite them being higher up than me. Luckily people think I’m just so cute and funny and that I couldn’t possibly be yelling. At the end, I ended up just going straight to my supervisor who went straight to that guy’s supervisor. It’s kind of like playing leap frog up a mountain and over people. It was not a highlight of my day. Eating chocolate chip cookies and gummy worms? A lot better than having to inform a grown man that some things should not be elective (i.e. using documents required for work). But, alas, so not my problem (right now, anyways).

And enough about work!

I bought a (doll) dress online, it’s a dress that came with a different doll, but I’m in love with it. It’s white with butterflies on it. I’m hoping it arrives within a week. I have plans to do a bunch of sewing on Saturday. I’m so excited for Saturday since it’s Les Miserables night! The circumstances have changed and I’m no longer to go see the play with Clay. Instead, I offered my second ticket to my friend C and she accepted. She likes musicals and plays and such as well and plus it’s been ages since I’ve seen her (… by ‘ages’, I mean ‘May’… I think – I obviously have a very poor sense of time and a very poor memory).

I really ought to spend time with my friends more often, I really don’t see them often enough and it’s easy to remember how much I’ve missed them when I’m actually spending time with them after a month-plus of only talking on the phone, or texting or chatting online. I guess I never really noticed it during high school because all I did was see everyone five days out of the week and chatting online in the evenings or weekends was perfectly fine because I’d just see them again in less than ~48 hours. But now it’s just a whole different dynamic and things are different. We’re all at different schools, we all work at various places with different hours. Some of us can drive, some of us can never seem to borrow the car (that would be me!), some of us just have different groups of friends now, or spend copious amounts of time doing something else. Like me with my blogs, crafts, tv shows (The Bachelorette is ending in a few weeks, whatever am I going to do for entertainment?!), doll (!!!), work, volunteering and trying to stay sane around my dad…

I’ve been working on loads of things lately, especially at home. My sister J and I cleaned out the closet where we keep all the wrapping paper and gift bags and massive rolls of Christmas paper. You do not want to know how many rolls of wrapping paper that we have that is red with dull gold holly with the words ‘Happy Holidays!‘ we have. I wish I hadn’t counted. I’ve been working on cleaning my room, which is a huge task in itself because while I’m fairly organized in many aspects of my life (i.e. my desk at work, usually my school stuff) the rest of my room is a disaster. I’m going to be getting a new bookshelf (which will not be going in my room, but will be doing downstairs so I have a new ‘expansion’ in terms of storage space!) so a lot of my novels will be moving, as well as a lot of resource books (i.e. my physiology book that I’m never selling, a bunch of books about animals for children) and I’ll free up some space and just keep my ‘favourite’ books upstairs. Which will be… a lot, to tell you the truth. I’m also going to clean out my wardrobe, figure out what I’m never wearing again in my life (or haven’t worn since I was in high school). Once I figure that out, I can figure out which fabrics I want to keep to cut up to be sewed into dolly-wear.

And speaking of dolls… I’m also working away on my (new!) dolly blog. I’m quite happy with it so far, but it won’t probably be done until tomorrow. I’m getting picky about the colours and such… I do occasionally wish that I was more decisive.

And… That was my day! And me going on and on about nothing and everything all at the same time.

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  1. Oh, okay. I guess I read it wrong. I would’ve liked 4 hours of math but I love punishing myself. My math courses used to be 2 hours and I had one that was 3.

    You should hang out with your friends more! I’ve been making the effort to hang out with my friends more lately and it really has cheered me up.

  2. It’s Quebecer in English and Quebecois in French. 😉 We were both right!

    Wait! Is the doll dress for a doll or for you?! At first I was all, “Cute! What’s the website? I love new dresses!” But then I realized… Wait… Maybe she means “doll” in the literal sense.

    Les Miserables is probably one of my favorite classic novels and plays to see. I’m sorry you’re not seeing it! Though I guess getting to see your friend is worth it. 🙂

  3. Wow, you sound like a busy person. 🙂

    You were right for calling that guy out, even if he was higher up than you. It is kinda sad that he can’t work like a real grown up, haha. Oh, and I agree with Caity. I always feel great after I spend some time with my friends. 🙂

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