So this is what I did today:

And I’m going to go to sleep. Atrociously early on a Monday night. Why? Because I’m sick (tear). I also emailed the people at volunteering to let them know I wouldn’t be in this week because it’s never a good idea to go in and work with people who have compromised immune systems when you’re sick or just recovering from being sick. I’m not sure what I hate more – my immune system, or the fact that people last week refused to stay home when they were sick and coughing in enclosed rooms with poor air circulation. Damn it, I’m going to be a hypocrite and join that group of people, aren’t I?

Oh well, such is the life from the start of midterms until… finals end?


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  1. Oh, strange! I put my essay into Turnitin and they actually didn’t let me look at my score until it was fully processed, and it wasn’t allowed to be edited. :S Ah well, I think I worried way too much because it came out with 6%, 3% of which was actually, coincidentally, other students’ work from 2006. Not to worry though; at least it wasn’t a substantial amount. 😛

    I hope you start feeling better soon! I actually try to attend work and school even if I am sick. I feel bad for doing so, but attendance is actually quite important to me! If I’m good enough to move and walk around then I’ll still go.

    Haha oh dear, the poor soul who wasted his money on tutoring and didn’t do so well. My friend deems it a theory that tutors make you do worse. I guess that guy just has to accept that he probably isn’t that great anyway. XD

    I haven’t watched Supersize Me but I believe I’d be grossed out by it.

    Get some rest! Hope things clear up in the morning. 😀

  2. Oh you’re so busy! I hope you feel better sometime soon. Being sick is so tiring. I’m feeling a little under the weather myself but nothing too sick, just a little fatigue. I haven’t seen Supersize Me and I have no good excuse. Perhaps I should watch it this week. Good luck with midterms!

  3. You make me feel so lazy. :O I so need to get off of here and do my homework. >A< Like I said before, you are an inspiration to all procrastinators. m(_ _)m <—-me bowing down

    I hate how people keep coming to school with the swine flu and not giving it to me! Seriously? How hard is it to cough on me so I can stay home?! Yeah, just joking. I'm so tired of school and I've only been in since August. -__-

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